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I’m currently working with some amazing people on projects such as..

🍋 I’m launching a new consultancy to help cultural cinemas attract + keep younger people and ultimately stay ahead of the game.

🔮 It’s open for business soon. To get a first look, share your interest


✨ working as a young consultant for the British Film Institute’s FAN

🔫 producing factual content with amazing partners and a story studio I founded called newnotions.co

I’d love to hear from you! Ping me after this jigsaw: [myfirstnameandlastname]@me.com

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Delivering Soon

Ceasefire Generation 🔥

Late 2020・Factual series
It’s a landmark doc series on the first generation to grow up in ‘peace time’ in Northern Ireland. Directed by Esther Mogada. Produced by me while staff at Queen’s Film Theatre. Funded in part by Community Relations Council.

Rocky Road to Equal Marriage 🌈

Late 2020・Factual one-off    
This curated film drawn from archival film traces the journey of the equal marriage campaign — one so momentous and so long in the making that it demanded reflection. The premiere screening took place February 2020 in Queen’s Film Theatre. Produced and directed by me while staff at QFT. Funded in part by Film Hub NI / BFIThe panellistsRead more


What I’ve Built Recently

New Notions
It’s an experiment—a story production studio. I founded New Notions in 2016, since then have launched;
 a pop-up cinema
 an original film, Boat Builders
+  more soon

⌘ I’m migrating the website to a new server, sorry it’s currently unavailable. You can browse the  limited version  or archived version

Queen’s Film Theatre
a new young programmers project

In this thread I describe;
→ how I built Queen’s Film Theatre’s new young programmers group from 6 people to recieving over 120 applicants between 16-26 years old.
→ the new brand created to attract and keep younger audiences to Queen’s Film Theatre called LUMI.
→ I delivered a talk on how this project was born and the application process at This Way Up conference 2019.

LUMI Award
new young audiences film award

I strategically developed the LUMI Award in collaboration with LUMI Programmers at Queen’s Film Theatre and Belfast Film Festival, Sofa Shorts.

It launched in 2020 and recognises bold new films which deal with the diversity in young people, how we communicate and view the world, and how this is affected by technology. Read more
2020 Winner
Leave The Road Behind You by Daniel Butler. Announcement  Trailer 

QFT Player
new video on demand platform 

Nobody would’ve taken you seriously if you suggested a small independent cinema should have its own VOD player just 4 months ago. 

Though one is now fully operational at Queen’s Film Theatre since early April, recently clocking up 28 newly uploaded film titles. After research it took me 72 hours to build the QFT Player back and front end while staff there. While working from home, it was truly a team effort to launch in such a short timeline, just in time for Abomination: A DUP Opera. 

Read the case study

I’m asking myself why more indie cinemas haven’t created their own VOD players. This is a perfect moment to explore trying to offset some risk as we all stare into a period of strong gale force winds. Your building alone might not protect you.

In this thread I put forward a strategy.

From the Desk

I write about cinema on Medium  whenever the moment strikes me. This was my desk when I lived in Archway, London.


b. 1994

Aaron Guthrie holds a Bachelor of Film & Television from University of Westminster, London. He is currently enrolled at Queen’s University Belfast, researching a doctorate on cinema exhibition and its futures since 2018.

He founded and is a producer of New Notions, a production company creating factual stories and cinema events.

With New Notions he produced Boat Builders, a feature length documentary based on characters and archive film of Belfast’s shipyards, funded by Northern Ireland Screen and produced as part of BFI's Britain on Film: Coast and Sea project.

He worked as Young Audiences Coordinator at Queen’s Film Theatre, building new things for the cinema to attract and keep young audiences. That included building a new brand called LUMI, curated screening events, a new young programmers initiative, the new LUMI Award, and producing original content such as Ceasefire Generation (yet to be released).

Also while staff at QFT, he produced Rocky Road to Equal Marriage (2020) a landmark archive film charting the story of the equal marriage campaign in Northern Ireland through established archives, BBC NI, NI Screen, NVTV. The premiere in Queen’s Film Theatre on February 27 2020 included this panel.

He has advised the development of a yearly conference on cinema exhibition This Way Up in Liverpool 2018, Nottingham 2019 and the upcoming online edition in December 2020.

At This Way Up 2018, he gave a talk about changing cinema audience behaviour illustrated with a landmark example of behaviour change—when cars entered our city streets.

At This Way Up 2019, he gave a talk on creating a new brand for young audiences work at Queen’s Film Theatre called LUMI. And played conference session host to a discussion on the theme of resilience for pop-up and community cinemas.

Aaron is a member of Centre for Documentary Research at Queen’s University, Belfast.

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